My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 4/4/17


My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 4/4/17


The First Tuesday of April’s Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day brings 5 of the Best Songs for your aural enjoyment. The 5 Top Tracks start off with The Growlers’ “Night Ride” which is the perfect passenger to take along on your daily commute. Next up is a Favorite track of mine from The Modern Lovers. The band with the three exclamation marks comes around with a Song that benefits from high volume play. Ride’s new Song, “Home is a Feeling” brings some shoegaze calm, and reminds us how much we’ve missed Ride’s quintessential sound. The 5 is wrapped up on this First Tuesday with another new Tune, this one from Kasabian, with their recently released Single, “You’re in Love with a Psycho”.

You can click to listen to each video below, or choose the Spotify or YouTube link to listen to the My Top 5 Song Obsessions of the Day :: Top Five playlist. I add each five songs shared to both playlists each day, so they expand as the week unfolds.

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day:

1. “Night Ride” :: The Growlers

Night clubs and back rooms,
baggies in the bathrooms,
Nothing’s changed but you.”

Lyrically reminiscent of a long ago time in my life. The sound is now though, but the stories they don’t change all that much. City life, night life, it evolves, but remains.

2. “Roadrunner (Twice)” :: The Modern Lovers

Felt like a roadrunner,
with the radio on.

Woke up with this song in my head, on a loop, repeating. I had to look it up, turn it up, and let it play to start my morning off.

3. “I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)” :: !!!

Oh oh oh oh oh,
say it ain’t so.

Sometimes you have to throw something on, turn up the volume, and dance before you start your day. Give this Song a listen. It may have you dancing, too.

4. “Home is a Feeling” :: Ride

Home is a feeling,
warm like the sun.”

I forgot I missed Ride. This Track helped me to remember.

5. “You’re in Love with a Psycho” :: Kasabian

And you got me switched on, baby,
like electric eel,
and I’m tight with Axel Foley,
that’s just how I feel.
Like a grapefruit and a magic trick,
the prodigal son.
I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking,
I walk so quick.

I was never a fan of Kasabian. Somehow their music never got to me/got me, even though many of their sonic counterparts are some of my favorites. This Song though, its catchy and addictive, and I may be coming around to Kasabian.

There you have it…the Best Songs for the First Tuesday in April. Let me know what you thought of the Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day and give a shout about what you are pressing play to today.

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