“Disco 2000” :: Pulp :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday continues with one of my Favorite Songs from the band Pulp. The song “Disco 2000” is my Favorite Track off of my Favorite Pulp Album, Different Class. Pulp is one of the Best of the Britpop Bands, and they are definitely one of my Top Britpop Bands  (see my list of Top 10 Britpop Bands from the 90’s here – with Pulp in the Top 5).  So, take a seat, adjust your speakers or throw on a set of headphones, turn the volume up, and let’s learn a bit about one of the Best Britpop Bands and Songs with Pulp’s “Disco 2000”.

“And I said let’s all meet up in the year 2000,
won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown?”

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“Disco 2000” :: Pulp

“Disco 2000” is Track 5 on Pulp’s 1995 album, Different Class. It was the third single from the album, released that same year. It reached # 7 on the UK Singles Chart.

The story tells the tale of a bloke who falls for his childhood friend, Deborah, who is more popular than he is. He daydreams of what it might be like to meet up with Deborah again when they are older, in the year “2000”.

The song is based on real events minus one small detail. Jarvis Cocker said in an interview once that “the only bit that isn’t true is the woodchip wallpaper”.

Deborah is based on a real life childhood friend of Jarvis’, Deborah Bone, who moved away from Sheffield when she was 10 years old. And yes, as the lyrics suggest, she grew up to marry and have children.

The song’s riff is said to be influenced by the 1982 hit “Gloria”, by Laura Branigan.

“Gloria” :: Laura Branigan

I can hear it, can you?

Due to the Song’s “millennial” subject matter, Pulp removed the song’s synchronisation licence, effectively banning the Song from beign used in TV and radio trailers throughout 1999 and 2000.

The music video for “Disco 2000” (see above) was directed by Pedro Romhanyi. It portrays the daily events for a girl and a boy, as they prepare for their weekend. As they make their way across town the life-sized  photographic cut outs from the band members of Pulp, used on the cover of the Album Different Class (see below), appaer in the shops, in the bus, on an escalator and even in the disco where the boy and girl meet.

Pulp Different Class, Album, Music, Best Britpop Music

The video ends with two life-sized photographic cut outs of the boy and girl together in bed and them complaining about Jarvis Cocker being on television again.

The music video also includes a different, slightly orchestral version of the song.

Below is a live version of “Disco 2000”, from 2011, recorded from the Reading Festival.

“Disco 2000” (live)

“Disco 2000” by one of the Best Britpop Bands, Pulp, was the featured Song for this week’s Best of Britpop Music Tuesday. Check back here every Tuesday for more of the Best Britpop Music and see if one of your favorites make an appearance.

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