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“Blue Skies” :: B.T. with Tori Amos :: SOTD
from the album, IMA (1995)


“Blue Skies” :: B.T. with Tori Amos

Just when she sings,
like you in the street,
so like you in the street,
in the lullabies.”

“Blue Skies” :: B.T. with Tori Amos :: Song of the Day

About the Song:

“Blue Skies” is a song by B.T. that features vocal from Tori Amos, one of my Favorite Artists. The song was released as a Single in the U.K. in October of 1996. It hit # 1 on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Party chart in January of 1997. Many remixes of this song.

The song was originally announced to be part of B.T.’s album, ESCM, but it was later appended to the double-disco re-issue of his first album, Ima.

B.T. said, in the Album notes for his compilation Album, 10 Years in the Life, that Tori Amos performed 15 minutes of improvisational singing over his track “Divinity”, which later became the vocals for this song, “Blue Skies”.  He went on to say that she never sang the words “Blue” or “Skies” in the recording. B.T. joined together syllables and breaths to make new words through the editing process.

Tori Amos and BT, SOTD, Song of the Day

“Blue Skies” :: B.T. with Tori Amos :: Song of the Day

My Thoughts:

There is something so ’90’s in this song, but with a brushstroke of ’80’s to inspire – thinking New Wave meets the start of the Rave Scene. I think the first time I heard this song was at a Rave, come to think of it. We were at a Downtown Los Angeles warehouse, the Music was thumping through the walls and the floors, echo-shooting out of the DJ’s speakers.

It was Tori’s voice I recognized first. She’d been a Favorite of mine since the Little Earthquakes Album, in 1992. It was maybe just days later I’d be unpacking the CD Singles and Remixes at Tower Records.

A few years past that and I would slip this Song into Mix CD’s made for friends, or for my car’s stereo. It was a Favorite for awhile to put into a variety of Mixes, often as the First Track.

“Blue Skies” :: B.T. with Tori Amos (Paul Van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix)

“Blue Skies” from B.T. with Tori Amos was Today’s Song of the Day. What is your Song of the Day?

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