“Ministry of Times” :: Rich Sihilling

Rich Sihilling Ministry of Time, Music, Now Hear This

“Ministry of Times”, one of the Best New Songs I have heard this week comes from Southern California based Electronic Musician Extraordinaire, Producer and Artists who was one of Los Angeles’ first live performing Techno Acts. “Ministry of Time” should be played loudly, with headphones or a speaker system. Expansive sounds are on your way once you Press Play, so be ready.

With a nod to Eye Q Records and Sven Vath, “Ministry of Times” merges a sonic bridge between the past, the now, and the future. The world from space travels as fast as the life below, close up, sped up to the match the beats. There is something both hypnotic and complex when the visuals meet the Music. It unleashes layers of emotions that transcend the need to dance. Though, trust me, you will need to dance.

Listen to other tracks by Rich Sihilling HERE.

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