“Stars” :: Hum :: SOTD
from the album, You’d Prefer an Astronaut (1995)

“She thinks she missed the train to Mars,
she’s out back counting stars.”

“Stars” :: Hum :: Song of the Day :: About the Song:

Today’s Song of the Day comes from Hum. A nineties alternative rock hit from the 1995 album, You’d Prefer an Astronaut.  “Stars” is the third track on You’d Prefer an Astronaut. It was the second single released.

“Stars” received modest success in the US, peaking at # 11 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, and at # 28 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. “Stars” was vital in helping You’d Prefer an Astronaut sell over 250,000 copies.

In addition, “Stars” has digitally sold over 26,000 copies which has been largely due to a Cadillac commercial that used the song within it. The song was also featured in a nineties Beavis and Butt-head episode.

Hum, SOTD, Song of the Day, Music

“Stars” :: Hum :: Song of the Day :: My Thoughts:

In my head I hear this song and immediately think of the short-lived TV show, My So-Called Life. I don’t think the song was ever in the show, but it was playing a lot via mixed tapes I had, and through the Tower Records store speakers while I worked, during the same time period that I was avidly watching the TV show.

My So-Called Life, TV, Music, SOTD, Song of the Day

I can picture it playing in one of the party scenes, or maybe Hum could play at Let’s Bolt, in the pilot episode. I can see Rayanne flailing around, in her flannel and braids, to this song, out back behind the school, with Rickie in tow, inconspicuously keeping an eye on her.

“Stars” (live) :: Hum

“Stars” by Hum was Today’s Song of the Day. What has been your Song of the Day?

2 thoughts on ““Stars” :: Hum :: SOTD

  1. My song of the day “Headache” by Frank Black. And love the Hum reference, and even more so 120 Minutes. What an underrated show that was! Too bad those aren’t available for sale or viewing.

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