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My Top Ten Songs About Crying :: Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Songs About Crying for Top Ten Tuesday took some work to narrow down. There are so many songs about heartache and tears. I bet you can think of at least a dozen without pausing for a breath. What are some of your favorites?

Following are My Top Ten Songs About Crying, played, and replayed, to narrow down a Top Ten of Tearful Music for you.

My Top Ten Songs About Crying:

1. “Teardrop” :: Massive Attack

“Teardrop on the fire,
fearless on my breath.”

2. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” :: The Beatles

“I look at you all,
see the love there that’s sleeping,
while my guitar gently weeps.”

3. “As Tears Go By” :: The Rolling Stones

“Smiling faces I can see,
but not for me.
I sit and watch,
as tears go by.”

4. “Cry Me a River” :: Julie London

“Now you say you’re lonely,
you cry the whole night thorough.
Well, you can cry me a river,
cry me a river,
I cried a river over you.”

5. “Crying” :: Roy Orbison

“But I saw you last night,
you held my hand so tight,
as you stopped to say “Hello”.
You wished me well,
you couldn’t tell,
that I’d been crying over you.”

6. “Cry to Me” :: Solomon Burke

“When your baby,
leaves you all alone,
and nobody calls you on the phone,
doncha feel like crying?”

7. “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” :: Oasis

“Cause all of the stars,
are fading away,
just try not to worry,
you’ll see them some day.
Take what you need,
and be on your way,
and stop crying your heart out.”

8. “Tears Run Rings” :: Marc Almond

“The angels sighed,
a little girl cried,
the tears run rings around my eyes.”

9. “No Tears to Cry” :: Paul Weller

“There’s no face left to hide.
There’s no tears to cry.
‘Cause my eyes have dried.”

10. “The Crying Game” :: Boy George

“I know all there is to know,
about the crying game.”

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