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“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: SOTD

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“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: SOTD
from the album, Becoming X (1996)

“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps

“I’m open…
to falling from grace.”

“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: Song of the Day :: About the Song:

Today’s Song of the Day comes from Sneaker Pimps. A nineties trip-hop/pop hit from the 1996 album, Becoming X.  “6 Underground” is the fourth track on Becoming X. It was first released as a singled in the UK in September of 1996. The song reached # 15 on the UK Singles Chart, and had moderate airplay in the US.

After the song was used in the 1997 US film, The Saint, radio stations began playing it more frequently. The single was re-released in the UK in May of 1997, where it reached # 9 on the UK Singles Chart. In the US, the song peaked at # 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, and at # 7 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Originally, the song was a club hit in the UK. After the commercial success and popularity of the album version, the group released several remixes, some of which became hits in dance clubs and radio stations with a dance format. The version that was most frequently heart on the radio was the remix by Nellee Hooper, which appeared as a hidden track on the album.

Sneaker Pimps, 6 Underground, SOTD, Song of the Day

“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: Song of the Day :: My Thoughts:

Take me back to 1996 in a whir and a trip hop beat. “6 Underground” was a mix tape favorite, tucked in between Tori Amos and Portishead usually, sometimes adjacent to Sarah McLachlan, Lush or Fiona Apple.

1996 was full of Women in Music for me, and not just because of Lilith Fair. There seemed to be such a plethora of female voices, in so many genres, but this one, the Trip Hop/Pop genre that was 90’s emerging, was right in my lane. I was coming out of my Goth/Death Rock phase, still carrying with me the love for that music, but hungry for something new. Brit Pop and Trip Hop were it.

Music often reminds me of people and specific places, but this one reminds me of the year it came out in, and a few years that followed. It reminds me of the me I was in those years, and the way Music was evolving and expanding for me.

“6 Underground” (live) :: Sneaker Pimps

“6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps was Today’s Song of the Day. What is your Song of the Day?

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