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My Top Ten Blur Songs :: Top Ten Tuesday

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My Top Ten Blur Songs :: Top Ten Tuesday

Since I’ve been in a bit of a Blur mood this week I thought it was time to do a Top Ten Tuesday of their songs. So, if you are looking for the best of the best of Blur, from their Brit Pop 90’s era all the way to their 2015 The Magic Whip release, look no further. Following are my picks for the best of Blur – My Top Ten Blur Songs for Top Ten Tuesday.

My Top Ten Blur Songs:

  1. “Coffee and TV”

    “So, give me coffee and TV,
    I’ve seen so much,
    I’m going blind,

    and I’m brain-dead virtually.
    is hard enough for me.
    Take me away from this big, bad world,
    and agree to marry me.”

    From the 1990 album 13, “Coffee and TV” is a modern love song for the reclusive, telly-centric age.

  2. “Beetlebum”“She’ll suck your thumb.
    She’ll make you come.
    Cause she’s your gun.
    Now what you’ve done,

    Track one from the band’s self-titled 1997 album, the song is Brit Pop 101, all Beatlesque and jangly guitars, and lovestruck, lost youth lyrics.

  3. “Parklife” 

    “Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as

    Also quintessentially Brit Pop (and “Brit life”), this time a bit more up-temp, from the album titled the same as the song, from 199. Bonus points for Jimmy (Quadrophenia) in the song and video.

  4. “Country Home”

    “I’m a professional cynic,
    but my heart’s not in it.”

    Another take on “Brit life”, a slice of life song from the 1995 album, The Great Escape. A critical eye on the “life of leisure”, rumored to be about former manager Dave Balfe, who left the band, and the label, and bought a house in the country.

  5. “Girls and Boys” 

    “Girls who are boys,
    who like boys to be girls,
    who do boys like they’re girls,
    who do girls like they’re boys –
    always should be someone you really love.”

    Huge song meant to be played loud, meant to be danced to, meant for the clubs, really. Celebration of sex and love in the modern age of safe sex and sexual preferences.

  6. “Ong Ong”

    “To the isle of the black kites and the wishing tree,
    I wanna be with you.
    On the slow boat to Lantau through misty seas,
    I wanna be with you.”

    From the band’s latest album, The Magic Whip, from 2015, “Ong Ong” was my standout favorite the first time I spun the album, and persists in being my #1 off of it. There is evolution in the sound, but there is still that unmistakable Blur thing, too. The song is said to be a tribute to the city of Hong Kong, from a “British perspective” (where, FYI, the album was recorded).

  7. “Blue Jeans”

    “I don’t really want to change a thing.
    I want to stay this way forever.”

    Taken from the Blur album with my favorite name, 1993’s Modern Life is Rubbish, “Blue Jeans” is another quintessential “Brit Pop” song to me. Musings on love and relationships from a very youthful perspective, peppered with day-in-the-life details, bringing it all to life in a palpable (and melodic) way. I love the opening drums, and guitar.

  8. “The Universal”

    “This is the next century,
    where the universal’s free,
    you can find it anywhere.
    Yes, the future has been sold.
    Every night we’re gone,
    and to karaoke songs,
    how we like to sing a long –
    although the words are wrong.”

    This song is by far my favorite Blur song to hear live. It transforms into something epic, something anthemic, something chill-inducing. That said, even on album it possesses all those traits. Some days this song makes me cry.

  9. “Tender”

    “Love’s the greatest thing.”

    And this is the song I love to hear acoustic, though it is almost that for most of the album version, as is. At least it starts out that way. There is a country music flavor to this album mixed up with the Brit Pop Blur sensibilities. This song seems made to be sung-a-long to – especially the chorus. The song is said to be about Damon’s break-up with Elastica front-woman, Justine. Both Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn wrote the song, and share vocals on the track.

  10. “Sing” 

    “I can’t feel cos I’m numb.
    I can’t feel cos I’m numb.
    What’s the worth in all of this?
    Sing to me.”

    “Sing” is completely cinematic sounding to me, and not just because it was used in the film, Trainspotting. One of my go-to songs to play when I’m writing as I feel it ignites imagination and visual images as it plays on. This is also one of my favorite songs to play loudly, late at night, while I drive through downtown Los Angeles (try it, if you can, and you’ll see why).

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  1. I totally 100% agree, Coffee and TV is Blur’s best and my favorite song of there’s. Sometimes I forget how goood that song is. I had it on a playlist I cranked up driving home from from Culver City and that song just rocks. Excellent list!

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