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“Say Something” :: James :: SOTD
from the album, Laid (1993)

“Say something,
say something,
I’ve shown you everything.
Give me a sign.”

About the Song:

“Say Something” is the fifth song from James’ fifth studio album, Laid, released in 1993. The album was the first of several collaborations between the group, and Brian Eno, who produced all but one of the album’s tracks.

James are originally from Manchester, England. They formed in 1982 and were active in the 1980’s, but achieved success during the 1990’s. The band became inactive after singer, Tim Booth, left, in 2001. They did reunite in January, 2007, for a new album and international tour.

James, Laid, SOTD, Song of the Day

My Thoughts:

“Say Something” was always one of my Top 3 favorite songs on James’ Laid album. The Laid album was my first discovery of James, the first album I had of theirs, and the first songs that I heard, and loved. The album, and all the songs, were a soundtrack for a certain Summer in 1994, and I cannot hear any of the songs without immediately thinking of that time in my life.

This song, to me, is about the falling apart of a relationship, bet it love or friendship, or even family. How it is in the silences that things often fall apart. Lyrics like “your silence is deafening” speaks volumes to me.

The lyrics “More than a drug is what I need/Need a change of scenery/Need a new life” really resonates with me. There have been times in my life, including that Summer of ’93, where there was nothing more true than that. That overwhelming need to go, to be somewhere else, to start over, I’ve felt those things enormously, at times in my life.

I bet you have, too.

“Say Something” (live)ย 

James, SOTD, Song of the Day, music

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