Where were you in 1990? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

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Where were you in 1980? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist
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“Candy” :: Iggy Pop, featuring Kate Pierson
“Here’s Where the Story Ends” :: The Sundays
“Wicked Game” :: Chris Isaak
“Caroline” :: Concrete Blonde
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” :: Sinead O’Connor
“The Only One I Know” :: The Charlatans
“Step On” :: Happy Mondays
“Strawberry Fields Forever” :: Candyflip
“Move Your Body” :: Xpansions
“Vogue” :: Madonna
“Freedom! ’90” :: George Michael
“Groove is in the Heart” :: Deee-Lite
“Clean” :: Depeche Mode
“This is How it Feels” :: Inspiral Carpets
“Creep” :: Radiohead
“Suedehead” :: Morrissey
“There She Goes” :: The La’s
“Cherry-coloured Funk” :: Cocteau Twins
“Classic Girl” :: Jane’s Addiction
“Dig for Fire” :: Pixies
“More” :: Sisters Of Mercy
“Disappear” :: INXS
“Birdhouse in Your Soul” :: They Might Be Giants
“Ball & Chain” :: Social Distortion
“I Don’t Know Why I Love You” :: The House Of Love
“Crystal Clear”:: The Darling Buds
“I’m Free” :: The Soup Goods
“Pretty Pink Rose” :: Adrian Below, featuring David Bowie