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Where were you in 1990? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

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Where were you in 1980? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist
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“Candy” :: Iggy Pop, featuring Kate Pierson
“Here’s Where the Story Ends” :: The Sundays
“Wicked Game” :: Chris Isaak
“Caroline” :: Concrete Blonde
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” :: Sinead O’Connor
“The Only One I Know” :: The Charlatans
“Step On” :: Happy Mondays
“Strawberry Fields Forever” :: Candyflip
“Move Your Body” :: Xpansions
“Vogue” :: Madonna
“Freedom! ’90” :: George Michael
“Groove is in the Heart” :: Deee-Lite
“Clean” :: Depeche Mode
“This is How it Feels” :: Inspiral Carpets
“Creep” :: Radiohead
“Suedehead” :: Morrissey
“There She Goes” :: The La’s
“Cherry-coloured Funk” :: Cocteau Twins
“Classic Girl” :: Jane’s Addiction
“Dig for Fire” :: Pixies
“More” :: Sisters Of Mercy
“Disappear” :: INXS
“Birdhouse in Your Soul” :: They Might Be Giants
“Ball & Chain” :: Social Distortion
“I Don’t Know Why I Love You” :: The House Of Love
“Crystal Clear”:: The Darling Buds
“I’m Free” :: The Soup Goods
“Pretty Pink Rose” :: Adrian Below, featuring David Bowie

4 thoughts on “Where were you in 1990? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

  1. Brings back memories. That was my junior year of high school. Ball and Chain never gets old. Now forgive my memory lapse but who is the lady in the pic?

  2. One of my friends in h.s. was an in the closet NKOTB fan. We were never allowed in his room until he got real sick, then the cat was out of the bag. He had an almost darn near shrine to them.

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