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My Top Ten Female Singers :: Top Ten Tuesday

Stevie Nicks, My Top Ten, Top Ten Tuesday, My Top Ten Female Singers, lyriquediscorde

My Top Ten Female Singers
Top Ten Tuesday

Another list by request. Another list that was beyond difficult to narrow down, but I gave it a shot. My list of female singers I love goes miles and miles past ten, and the list of who is in those “top ten” slots do change, rotate, and vary. But, for today, for right now, this is a list of My Top Ten Female Singers on Top Ten Tuesday.

My Top Ten Female Singers

1. Tori Amos

Tori Amos, Top 10, My Top 10, My Top Ten Female Singers, Lyriquediscorde, Top Ten Tuesday

“Crucify” :: Tori Amos

You’re just an empty cage girl,
if you kill the bird.”

2. Nina Simone

Nina Simone, music, My Top 10, My Top Ten, My Top Ten Female Singers, My Top Ten, Top Ten Friday, lyriquediscrde

“Feeling Good” :: Nina Simone

“It’s a new dawn,
it’s a new day,
it’s a new life for me – 
and I’m feeling good.”

3. Elizabeth Fraser


“Song of the Siren” :: This Mortal Coil, featuring Elizabeth Fraser

“Long afloat on shipless oceans,
I did all my best to smile,
’til your singing eyes and fingers,
drew me loving to your isle.
And you sang:
sail to me,
sail to me,
let me enfold you.
Here I am,
here I am,
waiting to hold you.”

4. Stevie Nicks


“Gypsy” :: Fleetwood Mac

So, I’m back to the velvet underground.
Back to the floor,
that I love.
To a room,
with some lace,
and paper flowers.
Back to the gypsy,
that I was,
to the gypsy that I was.”

5. Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann, My Top Ten, My Top Ten Female Singers, Top Ten Tuesday, lyriquediscorde

“Save Me” (live) :: Aimee Mann

6. Beth Gibbons


“Roads” (live) :: Portishead

“Oh, can’t anybody see,
we’ve got a war to fight.
Never found our way,
regardless of what they say.”

7. Natalie Merchant


“Verdi Cries” (live) :: Natalie Merchant

“Holidays must end as you know.
All is memory taken home with me:
the opera,
the stolen tea,
the sand drawing,
the verging sea,
all years ago.”

8. Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde, music, My Top Ten, My Top Ten Female Singers, Top Ten Tuesday, lyriquediscorde

“I found a picture of you,
oh oh oh oh.
Those were the happiest days of my life.”

9. Sharon Jones


“100 days,
100 nights,
to know a man’s heart.
And a little more,
before he knows his own.”

10. Fiona Apple


“I Know” (live) :: Fiona Apple

“And you can use my skin,
to bury your secrets in.
And I will settle you down.”

That’s My Top Ten Female Singers for Top Ten Tuesday. What would be on your list?

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