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“Take Me Home” :: Concrete Blonde
from the album, Group Therapy (2002)

“Things get better everyday you stay alive,
then I’m amazed,
every day,
that the sun decides to rise.
Every minute,
every hour,
is another chance to change.
Life is beautiful & terrible & strange.”

About the Song:

“Take Me Home” is the eighth track on Concrete Blonde’s sixth studio album, Group Therapy. The album came about after the band’s break-up and subsequent reform. The band had reunited (for the second time), in 2001. They recorded this song, and the album, in ten days, and included their original drummer, Harry Rushakoff, on it. He eventually was re-kicked out of the band for failing to show up to shows.

There is a country twang to this song, and an honesty that age, and life, provide. There is a pop aesthetic, as well, that shimmies across the surface of the song, light enough to give it that hook, but not take away from the emotions in the song.

concrete blonde, music, song of the day, sotd, band

My Thoughts:

It was in Chicago, in that small, studio apartment, that I first heard this song, as well as the album. It was cold outside, but we still would go up on the roof sometimes, and walk so many places. This was before I’d moved back. This was when it was just the two of us, when things were new. Train platforms and cold hands, poetry and mix CD’s, and the promise of a future that would never quite be realized.

This song reminded me of home. It reminded me of Los Angeles. Of Hollywood. Of my “misspent” youth. Of the girl that used to be. Once I’d moved back to the city the snow had come, and the space seemed smaller. This song made me miss home then, made my bones ache, made me heartsick.

Now I hear hope in the lyrics. I hear a way of seeing life that I’ve always believed in, especially in the line “life is beautiful & terrible & strange”. It is. It really is. Mostly its beautiful though. At least from this vantage point of my life. At least to the woman I have now become.

But, then again, I am home now.

“Take Me Home” (live)


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