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Top 10 Tuesday

Are you looking for the quintessential tracks from AIR? Whether you are a new listener seeking an aural introduction, or a veteran fan of the French electronic duo who wants to revisit you’re favorite songs, this Top 10 AIR songs should help satiate your AIR-desires.

AIR is the music duo of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît, who hail from Versailles, France. Moon Safari, the duo’s debut, was an international success in 1998. It was definitely the album that caught my attention, and had me wearing out their CD that early late nineties Summer.

I was living in Salt Lake City, missing my own city, and the people I’d left behind. I found solace and inspiration in Moon Safari, the songs within acted as a melodic-muse to my writing at the time. That Summer birthed reams of poetry, as well as the start of a novel that I am still revisiting today.

It went beyond those first 10 songs though. AIR became a go-to for me, littering many playlists with their electronic-gems, and igniting more stories, and characters, along the way.

Nicolas studied architecture pre-band, and Jean-Benoît studied mathematics. To me, you can hear the structure and order and calculations in their downtempo, electronic music. That said, it does not take away from the creativity and artistry that transcends the music from being only sets of equations. Can you hear it, too?

AIR was originally meant to be an acronym meaning Amour, Imagination, Rêve (English translation = Love, Imagination, Dream).

The band has always inspired that in me – love…imagination…and dreaming…

Following is my Top 10 AIR songs for Top 10 Tuesday.

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Top 10 AIR Songs:


1. “Sexy Boy”
from the album, Moon Safari

2. “All I Need” featuring Beth Hirsch
from the album, Moon Safari

3. “Playground Love” featuring Gordon Tracks
from the album, The Virgin Suicides

4. “Cherry Blossom Girl”
from the album, Talkie Walkie

5. “Venus”
from the album, Talkie Walkie


6. “La femme d’argent”

from the album, Moon Safari

7. “You Make it Easy” featuring Beth Hirsch
from the album, Moon Safari

8. “One Hell of a Party” featuring Jarvis Cocker
from the album, Pocket Symphony

9. “Alone in Kyoto”
from the album, Talkie Walkie

10. “How Does It Make You Feel?”
from the album, 10 000 Hz Legend


Want to dive in further than the above Top 10 AIR songs? Check out this quintessential AIR playlist and listen on.

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