Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: Dreams come and go

Michelle Phillips, 60s

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” :: Oasis

“I’ll take my car,
and drive real far,
you’re not concerned about the way we are.
In my mind my dreams are real,
now you’re concerned about the way I feel.”

Driving music. Turn it up loud and make it through the twists and turns, the traffic stops, the mile markers and GPS led exits. My rediscovery of Oasis continues, as does my deep dive into Britpop (not that I ever stopped swimming in that sonic ocean). First tracks are always a fascination to me, and this one hits the ground running.

2. “Dogs of L.A.” :: Liz Phair

The sawed-off tree trunks stand among the living palms.
You were beaming as I focused in,
and I panned along.
And I raced you to the top,
kicking snakes up from dusty rocks.”

Songs about L.A. are a thing for me. I collect them like roadside gas station snow globes, postcards, and matchbooks (though no one really has matchbooks anymore). My favorite odes to L.A. are a little bit jaded and a little bit hopeful, a flawed kind of love that is how I have always felt about this city of angels. This song is also finding its way to a hiking mix I’m contemplating. I love the way this song is full of photographs, that the pictures are part of the story, a lyrical flip book of Los Angeles imagery.

3. “Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)” :: The Icicle Works

“We are, we are, we are but your children,
finding our way around indecision.
We are, we are, we are rather helpless,
take us forever,
a whisper to a scream.”

My favorite part of this song is the intro. It is melodic and lulling, so beautiful. The chorus though, it played muse to a short piece on memory and story that I wrote. Whispering to a scream is a lyric that has always resonated with me. The idea of being silent, or silenced, but trying so hard to be heard. It reminds me of my childhood, my younger me. Perhaps that is why this song inspired a snapshot of my childhood, and early adulthood.

4. “Midnight Voyage” :: The Mamas & The Papas

“Loves come and go,
and I dream through them.”

This sounds like my childhood, like long drives in the back of my mother’s station wagon, light blue, with a crackle in the right side speaker. She used to sing all the time when I was a kid. Sometimes those early songs I remember with her voice more than the recorded artist themselves. I will be forever grateful for the love of music gift she gave to me. It feels genetic, part of my bones and blood, music.

5. “No One’s Gonna Love You” :: Band Of Horses

“We are the ever-living ghost of what once was.”

Played in the dark while driving on a near deserted highway. This song. There is something in this song that made my eyes fill with tears when I heard it on that deserted stretch, rain falling, darkness cloaked around the city. They were not unhappy tears though, no, not that at all.

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