“I’m halfway to misery.
Some say when you go halfway,
there’s still plenty of time to return

Dusty Trails” (live) :: Lucius
from the album, Good Grief

About the song:

“Dusty Trails” is the final track on Lucius’ second album, Good Grief, which was released in 2016. The album was recorded over the span of 2 years, while Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig were touring the group’s first album.

Lucius veered away from most of the sound of their first album, Wildewoman, and instead they focused their sound on “moody Eighties-synth melodies and raw lyrics about the hardships of marriage.”

“Everyone’s around right now and I’m still alone.”


My Thoughts:

I heard about Lucius from a best friend who saw them play live at a festival. She told me that I would like them. In the same week, they were a musical guest on the too short lived Showtime series, Roadies. I ran looking for their music at the end of that week, and obsessed over the album for months, especially this track — “Dusty Trails”.

My love of the desert permeates this song, for me, and I am looking forward to putting it on a “desert playlist” to take with me on a desert road trip/writing trip I am planning. This is also a song that hits on some events, and very personal feelings, from the final few months of 2016. There is melancholy here, loneliness, but there is also this thread of hope that is lyrically weaved throughout.

This song is the go-to song that I send to people, or that I slide into playlists, when I want someone to listen, and discover, Lucius for the first time. I feel like it captures Jess and Holly’s voice impeccably. Vocally, they lilt and soar, especially in the live version above.

I have not gone off and away for long, but I left some significant parts of my life around the time this song came into mine. That opening lyric, “We been gone for such a long time that I’m almost afraid to go home.” is so relevant to me. Sometimes I sing-a-long and tears come, other times I breathe into the song, feeling comforted by the connection I feel to it.

There were days I was afraid to go home because it did not feel like home anymore. But, I found my way back, even if there were moments where I felt “halfway to misery”, and did not know how scathed I’d be when I finally sorted it all out.

I still don’t know.

I’m still sorting.

But, aren’t we all?

“Dusty Trails” (album version)


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