You wrote about me on every new record :: SOTD


“You could mess up my life in a poem,
have me divorced by the time of the chorus,
there’s no need to change any sentence,
when you always decide where I go next.”

Working Titles (live) :: Damien Jurado
from the album, Maraqopa (2012)

About the song:

“Working Titles” is the sixth track on the 2012 release from Damien Jurado entitled Maraqopa. It was the 10th studio album, and was produced by Richard Swift. The album was released in February, of 2012, on Secretly Canadian records.

It is a “theme” album, a story told in song that follows a man as he disappears from society. The man takes nothing with him except a couple hundred dollars. He winds up in a mysterious place called Maraqopa.


My Thoughts:

The first time I listened to “Working Titles” it stopped me completely, the lyrics, like tiny daggers, reminding me immediately of the experience of loving a writer, and being a writer, as well. It stung in the way that loss does, in the way that feeling misunderstood does, and in the way that missing does.

It reminded me of being a muse once, of having poetry written about me (and/or us), of having songs on an album that contain pieces of someone’s perspective of me. It is a sentiment of art and beauty and love, but it can also feel hollow and lonely and like some gorgeously, melodically misunderstanding.

On later listens (there has been quite a few as I love this song), I saw myself in it; in the words, in the language, in the cruelty and the beauty of it. I have done it, I still do it, writing about past loves and lovers, taking my own artistic liberties, painting it all only in the palate of color that my memories, and skewed perspectives, allow.

There is so much going on, in this song, to me.




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