Sometimes where you’re going Is hard to see :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Winter” :: Art by Aaron Kraten

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Wonderwall :: Ryan Adams

“I don’t believe that anybody,
feels the way I do,
about you now.”


2. Writing to Reach You :: Travis

“The radio is playing all the usual.
And, what’s a wonder wall anyway?”


3. No Time to Crank the Sun :: EL VY

“I always knew there was
something missing.
They said no one could ever get me,
to sit and listen.
I was always trying to leave.”

EL VY.jpg

4. You Can Make Me Feel Bad :: Phosphorescent

“I can live out of my mind.”


5. Sleep to Dream :: Fiona Apple

“So, don’t forget what I told you,
don’t come around –
I got my own hell to raise.”


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