She said please stay :: SOTD


“Burning every bridge that I cross,
to find some beautiful place to get lost.”

Let’s Get Lost :: Elliott Smith
from the album, From a Basement on the Hill (2004)

About the song:

“Let’s Get Lost” appears on the posthumous album, From a Basement on the Hill. All songs, including this one, were recorded between 2002 and 2003.


My Thoughts:

I have said for years and years that I possess a gypsy soul, one that I credit my grandfather with, an inherited trait, this love for the road. But sometimes I wonder if this wanderlust that rattles inside of me is just my gypsy soul at work, or if it is more than that. Is it a desire to get lost, to escape, to run when things get too hard for me, too much too handle, when I feel too exposed, vulnerable and afraid?

The lines in this song about burning bridges and seeking a “beautiful place to get lost” resonate with me. They rattle around inside me, pulling at the parts of me that are always looking for that place/places to get lost. Some days I want it so bad — that escape — that I have to fight the urge to just keep driving, to just keep going, to disappear.

Is this song about different escapes, too? Drugs, love, addiction, that urge to run? All of the above?


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