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“Kiss me.
Would you, would you,
kiss me.
Would you, would you,
kiss me,
lift me,
right out of this world.”

Come Together (Farley Mix) :: Primal Scream
from the album, Screamadelica (1991)

About the song:

“Come Together” (above) is from the album Screamdelica. The primary DJ’s of the album were Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley. The Weatherall mix was released on the UK pressings of Screamadelica, but Farley’s version (above) was released on the US pressings.

(Note: This is the only version I ever remember hearing of the song).

“Come Together” is the longest track on the album. For the US version (above), the sample of the woman saying “That’s beautiful…that’s really beautiful…I like that” was taken from the film Sex, Lies and Videotape, and is spoken by Andie MacDowell.

The song’s chord progression is based on Tommy McCook and The Aggrovator’s 1975 song, “The Dub Station”.

My Thoughts:

As I was looking through old journal postings elsewhere, looking for a character inspiration for something I am writing, I came across this photograph of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. This song, “Come Together” was playing in my ears, as I’ve had Primal Scream’s Screamadelica playing most of my early morning. Something about the two, the song, and the photograph, feel connected. I had to stop what I was doing and listen to the song again, and then one more time after.

I am reminded of an apartment I once lived in. The cold that seeped in through windows that never seemed to close just right. A worn out mattress on the floor near said windows. We were always cold, and never cold, in that apartment, together. At least that is how I am remembering it this morning.

We never listened to this song together, though I can imagine we did. I think it was probably one we both liked, on our own, at some point. We probably spun around to it on dance floors, miles and state lines away from each other, chemicals buzzing just under our skin. Not “coming together” until years later.

I know I spun around to this song. I know I was spun to this song…once upon a music time ago.



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