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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Still Crazy After All These Years :: Tony Lucca

“And we talked about some old times,
and we drank ourselves some beers –
still crazy after all these years.”


2. God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise :: Ray LaMontagne

“When some of the boys,
get to talking up their girls back home,
I tell ’em none’s as fine as mine.”


3. Trailer Man :: Brian Matthew

“Pack up,
quarter run,
gonna feel all right.”


4. Two :: Ryan Adams

“If you take me back,
back to your place,
I’ll try not to bother you,
I promise.”


5. That Western Skyline :: Dawes

“So, I wait for her all through the day,
as if I wait for her surrender.
And every time I get her to look my way,
she says I’m not where I belong.”