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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Cinnamon :: Jome

“Waking when the white sunlight’s out.
Waiting through the days and nights out.
It’s a slow cinnamon summer…
your spell’s pulling me under.”


2. All We Ever Knew :: The Head & The Heart

“Well, well my love,
we’ve been here before,
don’t drag me through this again.”

head heart.jpg

3. Moon at Dawn :: Blind Pilot

“Every dream stuck in my mouth,
talking north and talking south.
You said you believed me,
as the sun will rise without a doubt.”


4. Alone :: Trampled By Turtles

“Come into the world,
and you go out of the world,
But, in between –
it’s you and me.”


5. To Be Without You :: Ryan Adams

“Stinging from the storm inside my ribs where it thunders,
nothing left to say,
or really even wonder.
We are like a book and every page is so torn –
nothing really matters anymore.”


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