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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Ladykiller :: The Horrible Crowes

“And, how about this for a good one,
maybe we don’t ever come down?
I can leave the wound wide open
And, maybe see if I can tough it out,
let it pour over my head,
all your shame,
and your history,
and see if I say a thing,
as it rolls up inside of me.”


2. She Don’t Love Me Now :: Jesse Malin

“Oh, you don’t love me like you say you would.
Oh, I would love you only if I could.
Oh, you don’t love me when you say.”


3. 1979 :: Freedom Fry

“And I don’t even care,
to shake these zipper blues.”


4. Portions for Foxes :: Rilo Kiley

“There’s blood in my mouth,
’cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week.”


5. Southside of Heaven :: Ryan Bingham

“And, can’t you see that a breeze,
nothin’ but a change in pace.
Money can’t buy my soul,
cause it comes from a hard earned place.”


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