Keep Art Alive ::  Art by Aaron Kraten

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Through the Dark :: Alexi Murdoch

“You need someone to hear you when you sigh.
Someone to wipe away those tears you cry.
Someone to hold you ‘neath the darkened sky.
Someone to love you more than I.”


2. Two of Us on the Run :: Lucius

“And we’ll one day tell our story,
of how we made something of ourselves now.”


3. You are What You Love :: Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

“I’m in love with illusions,
so saw me in half.
I’m in love with tricks,
so pull another rabbit out your hat.”


4. Golden :: My Morning Jacket

“Watchin’ a stretch of road,
miles of light explode,
driftin’ off a thing,
I’d never done before.”


5. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) :: Nat King Cole

“And so I’m offering this simple phrase,
to kids from one to ninety-two,
although it’s been said,
many times,
many ways –
Merry Christmas to you.”


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