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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify or here on Google Music

1. Bluebeard :: Cocteau Twins

“Are you the right man for me?
Are you safe?
Are you my friend?”.


2. Stay :: Belly

“But I love him dear,
and I love him dear,
and I’ve loved him hundreds of thousands of years.”


3. 23 :: Blonde Redhead

“Your tainted heart,
my tainted love,
repent now.
How many times?”


4. The Funeral :: Band Of Horses

“To know me as hardly golden,
is to know me all wrong.”


5. Always Gold :: Radical Face

“But everything goes away,
yeah everything goes away,
but I’m going to be here until I’m nothing but bones in the ground.”



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