Feel Freeze :: Wet My Tongue :: Now Hear This


Indie Folk meets Dark Wave meets Electro Pop meets something that belongs in a film, or edgy television series – something a little off-the-beaten-path, a little bit dark and twisty, and a lot of cinematic flair. I was instantly reminded of the soundtrack to the film “Drive”, most especially of songs from Kavinsky and College. It also reminds me quite a bit of Trust’s song, “Candy Walls”, and The xx’s song, “Fiction”.

The songs starts out in a very sixties melodic folky way that reminds me of some of the music I grew up hearing my mother play. A bit of “California Dreaming” and Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”, along with some Moody Blues tunes are tucked up in there, at the start, but then something takes over. A build and rise of electronic magic, a coming together of darkness and light that is captivating, alluring and downright sensual. It whips and swirls around me, taking me into the music, taking the morning and turning it into the middle-of-the-night.

Wet My Tongue :: Feel Freeze

Feel Freeze

Feel Freeze is a Danish electro-pop duo that are gearing themselves up to break waves in the UK while they continue their success in their home of Denmark. The duo is made up of Mathias Vinther Liholt and Raymonde Gaunoux.

“Wet My Tongue”, was mixed by Peter Iverson and mastered by Anders Schumann (Medina).

Feel Freeze describes the song as follows:

“Wet My Tongue is a musical journey that takes off in a light acoustic setting, but transforms itself into an eerie melancholic universe with cutting guitars, deep bass-drum and bubbly synthesizers. It takes place in the internet-time where people spend their days looking at pictures of each other on screens. It increases our need for physical contact. A growing desire. A cry for nearness. Wet My Tongue.”

Have a listen yourself, and let me know what you think. Personally, I cannot wait to hear more from Feel Freeze.

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