“After so many words,
still nothing’s heard – 
don’t know what we should do.”


These silences break like the late arrival of an October morning
the sun a sudden shock to the system
like the vibrating sound of my 5am alarm
shattering a dream I was having
of you lying next to me

I will only half-remember it in an hour
hazy images weaving in-between the lyrics
of a first played song
Your smell lasting longer
then any subliminal  shade of brown eyes

I swear you still linger
in these thread-counted sheets
in the tangled tendrils
of my outgrown hair
In the contents of last thoughts before sleep
and in the first glimpses of another day

But there’s nothing left for us to say
we made choices
choosing not to wait
choosing her
over  me
a path of settling safely holding you bak

No morning light can break what’s come
no memory recall or half played song
the only thing left is to step out the door
squint at the beckoning sunlight
whisper I wish this was never our goodbye

Lost in the Light :: Bahamas
from the album, Barchords (2012)