Is hello, goodbye :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Fisherman’s Blues :: The Waterboys

“With light in my head,
with you in my arms…”


2. Look at Miss Ohio :: Gillian Welch

“Oh me oh my oh,
look at Miss Ohio,
she’s a-running around with her rag-top down –
she says I want to do right,
but not right now.”


3. The Bad Days :: David Ramirez

“But I hope the years that we come up short,
are swallowed by the years that we make it work.
I pray the times when our love is sweet,
outweigh the days that you hate me.”

1 (1).jpg

4. Baby Don’t You Want Me :: Lucero

“Now I have a heart,
like a hornets nest,
they’re swarming in my mouth,
and busting through my chest.
But I could live that way,
I’d take all that pain,
to have your heart be mine –
baby don’t you feel the same.”


5. She’s Only Happy in the Sun :: Ben Harper

“I know you may not want to see me,
on your way down from the clouds.
Would you hear me if I told you,
that my heart is with you now?”


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