Running around with the rag-top down :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. The Man I Used to Be :: Jellyfish

“I save every moment I’ve reached out,
and almost touched you,
but they all fade away,
must be a bad memory.”


2. Here Comes a Regular :: The Replacements

“And even if you’re in the arms of someone’s baby now,
I’ll take a great big whiskey to ya anyway


3. It’s the Life :: Grant Lee Buffalo

It’s too late to ask questions,
for you’re much,
too old to take any suggestions.”


4. Say Yes :: Elliott Smith

“But now I feel changed around,
and instead of falling down,
I’m standing up –
the morning after.”


5. Look at Miss Ohio :: The Band Of Heathens

“She says I want to do right,
but not right now.”


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Los Angeles writer, dreamer and gypsy soul who harbors an obsessive love of music and lyrics, and writes about them with passion and insight, as well as sometimes waxing poetic on books, films and travel.

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