Once I was ruthless :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Air” :: Art by Tom Bagshaw

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. You :: Two Sheds

“I move through a different sort of space,
a day takes years for me to trace,
while age redecorates my face.”


2. Ruthless (live) :: Sons Of Fathers

“But love came to see me,
and she tore me away.”


3. Wise Up (live) :: Aimee Mann

“Prepare a list for what you need,
before you sign away the deed,
’cause it’s not going to stop,
it’s not going to stop,
it’s not going to stop,
till you wise up.”


4. Picturing Love :: July Talk

“Cause I’m tired of seeing pictures on a screen,
I’m tired of picturing love.”


5. Lost in the Supermarket :: The Clash

“I came in here for that special offer,
a guaranteed personality.”