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Cinematic, sleek, and somewhat predictable is what you might think while watching Pete Yorn’s new video for the song, “I’m Not the One”, well…at first. We are giving a scantily clad, gorgeous blonde, Charlotte McKinney, who seems to be spending most of her time wandering around what seems like her house, and the outside grounds, whilst removing clothing. For a moment, at first, I was reminded of the music videos of the past, most notably those for 80’s hair metal bands, that were a never-ending source of curvy, half-dressed girls (usually blonde).

The gratuitous feel of it admittedly rubbed me the wrong way, at first, but I kept watching, wondering if there was more than what is seen.

And no, all is not what it seems.

We get a clue that something is off when we see the squared off lens of a camera focusing in on the woman. Is this a stalker? A bitter ex-lover? The paparazzi?

The girl seems to live in the house. We assume with Pete, or whomever Pete is playing. We see what looks like a baseball player framed shot of him on a bedroom dresser, a picture that she adjusts and turns to face forward.

Once the girl starts walking outside I got an eerie feeling. There is a “something is out there” feeling to the scene, though the juxtaposition of a hazy, haunted night to the pop-infused, catchy, upbeat “I’m Not the One” threw me off.

I found myself asking “where is this going?” and “where is she going?” Is this a “day in the life” (think French film) kind of story where we are pulled into an existence without background, or sometimes, results? Will the conclusion be Pete and the girl coming together, in what seems to be their house?

More undressing, and I found myself wondering, again, where is this going? And still getting a palpable feeling of unease, though no idea why. The girl spots a remote camera that is filming her, strung thru a window, and is freaked out – to be expected. She reaches for a baseball bat from under the bed (more proof that this “Pete”, from the frame picture, is a baseball player.

Wandering around the house with the bat the horror vibe grows exponentially…but there’s that music, and how it doesn’t fit together. But the feeling is there despite that, maybe even fueled by it in a strange way. I found myself waiting for the “killer” or “monster” or “stalker” to jump out from the shadows and attack the girl.

I saw her as the soon-to-be victim in this.

Then we see a shadowy figure…or is it more than one?

And then sirens. The girl is arrested. She struggles.

What is going on here?

Hit play to find out…

The “twist” is worth it, and I can’t help but think this is a bit of brilliance here.

I’m Not the One :: Pete Yorn

p.s. That last look, thru the blinds, Pete — it makes me wonder if there is still more to this story.


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