May the moonlight know your name :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “And At No Time Did She Ever Leave My Mind”:: Art by James Bullough

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Johnny & Mary (live) :: July Talk

“She dances catharsis,
cries out like a child.
Well, you’d be screaming too,
if all that’s happened to her,
had ever happened to you.”


2. Dirty Rain :: Ryan Adams

“Now I’m here lookin’ through the rubble,
tryin’ to find out who we were;
last time I was here,
it was rainin’,
it ain’t rainin’ anymore.”


3. The Way We Move :: Langhorne Slim & the Law

“Here we are extending into shooting stars,
in our houses,
in the ashes to bars.”


4. The Golden State :: John Doe & Kathleen Edwards

“You are something in my eye,
and I am the shiver down your spine.
You are on the lick of my lips,
and I am on the tip of your tongue.”


5. Take Me Down :: Gary Clark Jr.

“The last time I saw you,
I meant to say I love you.
I’ve been right and I’ve been wrong,
but I always miss you when I’m gone.”


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