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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. The Golden State :: John Doe, featuring Kathleen Edwards

“You are something in my eye,
and I am the shiver down your spine.
You are on the lick of my lips,
and I am on the tip of your tongue.”


2. We’re Going to be Friends :: The White Stripes

“We don’t notice any time pass,
we don’t notice anything.
we sit side by side in every class.
Teacher thinks that I sound funny,
but she likes the way you sing.”


3. Southern Sun :: Boy & Bear

“So come on,
come on I’m ready now
I got the feeling, honey,
like I’m ready to roll.”


4. Joey’s Arm :: Sons Of Bill

“And when you drive through Cumberland in the dark,
you watch the woods and you see the sparks,
you roll down your window and hear the sound,
of broken glass and coming down.”


5. Coffee Cups :: Langhorne Slim

“I’m gonna find my way,
I’ve got nothin’ left to say,
but take my hand –
c’mere and take my hand.”


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