Let’s take it back to 1987 :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

Let’s take it back to 1987 :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

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Smoke Signals (1998) :: MOTD

Sm0ke Signals (1998) :: MOTD

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Screamed at the make-believe, screamed at the sky :: VOTD

VOTD :: Pictures of You :: The Cure
from the album, Disintegration (1989)
Directed by Tim Pope

“Remembering you,
fallen into my arms,
crying for the death of your heart.
You were stone white,
so delicate,
lost in the cold –
you were always so lost in the dark.”

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For a second there I thought you disappeared :: SOTD

SOTD:: West Coast :: Coconut Records

“I love you,
standin’ all alone in a black coat.
I miss you,
I’m goin’ back home to the West Coast.”

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Lost Boys (1987) :: Year-by-Year

Lost Boys (1987) :: Year-by-Year

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Just for one day :: M5MO

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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