Indulging in my self defeat :: SOTD

joshua petker.jpg

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Joshua Petker

“Now the fuzzy stare,
from not being there ,
on a confusing morning week –
impaired my tribal lunar speak.

And, of course you can’t become,
if you only say what you would have done –
so I missed a million miles of fun.”

The summer song. You know the kind, it sticks to your skin like humidity, like melted ice cream dripping down you fingers, like a lip-gloss kiss. A summer song is typically catchy, pop-music candy; low on lyrical significance, but high on addictive melodies. The chorus is key. Repetition and sing-a-long ease are its necessary ingredients, along with a comforting dose of simplicity.

The song needs to have crossover potential, not just between musical genres, but generations, too. It needs to have the hip-factor, the mainstream appeal, and some other “something” that pushes it to the top of the charts, and onto the tip of everyone’s tongue. Oh, and it helps if the song appears on a summer movie soundtrack, too.

The almost unavoidable fate of the summer song, though, is the curse of the “one-hit wonder”. It will have plenty of company in that regard, both in the inevitable VH-1 special, and in karaoke bar playlists all around the world. But while it rules it’s summer reign, watch out – the song will be on fire.

“Steal My Sunshine” is one of those summer songs. Let loose in the summer of 1998, the pop-punk band hailing from Toronto, Len, lit the radio up and had everyone singing-a-long. The song was featured in the movie Go (see: summer movie soundtrack), one of my personal favorite summer films. The quirky dialogue, the almost nonsensical lyrics, just made the song more likable, and near-impossible to forget.

What exactly is an “impaired tribal lunar speak” anyway?

Steal My Sunshine :: Len

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