Valley Girl (1983) :: MOTD


Valley Girl (1983)
Written by Wayne Crawford and Andrew Lane
Directed by Martha Coolidge


[shouting over the noise just as the music ends] “So, when can I see you again?” ~ Randy

[embarassed] “Gee, Randy… why don’t you wait until the end of the evening to say these things?” ~ Julie

It’s how I feel. It’s what I want.” ~ Randy

I‘m here with you now.” ~ Julie


I Melt With You montage

Sometimes on days when I’m sad, like today, I need a heavy dose of “Valley Girl”. And some days, like today, I realize Randy is the character I relate to the most in this movie…especially in the quotes above. I’m often that person, saying what I want – maybe too quickly, maybe in too big of strokes – and feeling things big.

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