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How appropriate is the title of the new Gringo Star single, “Get Closer”? Well, with the anticipated album about to hit (this Friday! Stay tuned for a review), we are getting closer, and now we all have another song to “Get Closer” with.

Oh my stars, that was cheesy, wasn’t it? But hey, the song isn’t – it’s a stunner!

And, psst…if you like what you hear you can pre-order “The Sides and In Between” (THE NEW ALBUM) digitally via  iTunes.

The guitar in “Get Closer” – like with the first single, “Rotten” – I am just in love with the guitar in this. And the drums! Love love loving the drums in this track.

There is such a 90’s feel to “Get Closer”, all jangly and a little bit grungy, and something so catchy you’ll want to add this song to all your “end of Summer” mixes.

The song has a garage vibe (or, as the video indicates, a backyard feeling), in a way that has me feeling like they are a a secret treasure of music I’ve just found myself, something local, down the street, that you want to tell all your friends about.

So, let’s pretend that this space is a sprawling backyard. There’s a barbeque fired up, some salads and fresh fruit, a bucket of spiked punch and ice cold beers and ales, oh, and a couple of packages of sparklers from the past Fourth of July. And in the corner is your next favorite band…

Now press play.

Get Closer :: Gringo Star


Keep Art Alive :: Photo by Vincent Monsain

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