Now they’ll sleep alright :: SOTD


“You know the shape,
my breath will take,
before I let it out.”

(by me)

potions of sleep run naked
through my bloodstream
bleeding out into duvet covers and
barbed wire dreams
calling for reconsideration

with eyes closed
I can still feel you there
controlling even my lunar escapes
becoming one with my skin
and my bones

Once I was a wolf myself
fanged and unruly
howling into the night
pouncing on the holy,
the lonely,
the beautiful

my god,
we were both so beautiful

but now I shudder under the moon’s glow
counting hours between the wax
and the wane
afraid to admit I can no longer
taffy stuck in all this confinement

I miss the beast
the raucous wanderer
the gypsy souled feast of the stars

you loved her once
didn’t you?

I loved her, too

but now we separate
fur from the flesh
silence from the scream
like days into nights

but I can still feel you
trying to reclaim
what once was mine
trying to revive
the death of denying

trying to live me again

Now They’ll Sleep :: Belly

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