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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Passenger Seat :: Arkells

“Drivin’ on the highway home,
this time alone,
doesn’t mean the same without you.
I turned on the radio,
to something slow,
just to let it fuck with my mood.
The songs don’t sound the same,
without you,
in the passenger seat.”


2. Sometime Around Midnight (acoustic) :: The Airborne Toxic Event

“As you stand,
under the bar lights,
and the band plays some song,
about forgetting yourself for a while.”


3. Despite What You’ve Been Told :: Two Gallants

“But you know,
by now it’s half past late,
and I only came here for escape.
you’re just my next mistake,
like me to you.”


4. The Way I Tend To Be :: Frank Turner

“And then I catch myself,
catching your scent on someone else,
in a crowded space –
and it takes me somewhere I cannot quite place.
And then I remember you.”


5. Make a Plan to Love Me :: Bright Eyes

“When you are young,
the world is a ferris wheel,
I know we will grow old,
it is lovely,
make a plan to love me sometime soon.”


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