I’m Not The One (live at Capital Studios, 1 mic 1 take) :: Pete Yorn :: Now Hear This


I’m Not The One (live at Capital Studios, 1 mic 1 take) :: Pete Yorn :: Now Hear This

Another track from the Capital Studios, 1 mic 1 take series from Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime album, “I’m Not the One”, which is one of my personal favorite’s from ArrangingTime. This “take” of “I’m Not the One” adds a vulnerability to the song that is not as accessible on the album version. It reminds me of the stripped down tour Pete did last year (“You and Me” tour), and how his songs, when played acoustic like this, tell a different kind of story, one that feel more personal, more urgent, and more raw. The internal seems to have turned itself inside out and become external, with this song, and I find it touching at a vulnerability in myself, while listening.

There is a sadness in this song, especially sung in this way. But, there is also a thread of hope weaved within it, a touch that many of Pete’s songs seem to contain. There is this notion of not being the one to rely on, to “lean on”, to commit to, BUT, there is this other thing there, the refusal to leave, to give up, even if there is someone else wanting to take your place – and THAT is where that thread of hope resides.

“I should be leaving, but I’m hanging on.”

If you like this, and you live in the Los Angeles area (or anywhere adjacent), I encourage you to pick up tickets to Pete’s October 5th show at the El Rey. Its a favorite venue of mine, mainly for the amazing acoustics inside, and the set-up of the room, and stage, itself. Tickets are available here.

I’m Not the One (live at Capital Studios) :: Pete Yorn



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