August Music Challenge :: August 8th :: The Letter D :: SOTD


August Music Challenge
August 8th
The Letter D



Somewhere Along the Way (live) :: Dawes

“But somewhere along the way,
I started to smile again,
I don’t remember when.”

Stories are some of my favorite things, whether told in the pages of the story, the voice of a loved one, or other kindred voices, as well as stories told in song. Storytelling songs are typically the ones on an album I gravitate towards, replay more than multiple times, and collect in that long list of “most loved songs ever”.

Maybe its the writer in me. The storytelling I love to do, mostly on the page. Sometimes I picture myself in the story, sometimes I just picture the story itself, playing it out in my imagination, like a cinematic show in my mind. Even when I write I see the stories that way, playing out like a movie, with characters and dialogue, setting and scenes.

Stories about Los Angeles hold a special place in my heart, especially those that show Los Angeles in both the good and the bad, the flawed and the beauty, the pleasures and the pains. Los Angeles as character, as backdrop, as protagonist, as obstacle, as dreams, and as everything in-between.

Somewhere Along the Way feels like it is placed in Los Angeles, that it is based here, and that the city itself is part of what takes our narrator, and the one he sings about, through a tortured dance, a tragic journey, love and loss, and eventually a return to self, and smiling again. The line about wrestling with just existing, it feels like how living in LA has been at times, sometimes more often than not.

This song is a story. Sometimes, especially at night, when I play it loudly in my car, I play out the story I see in it, in my head. I can see the “she” in the story. Sometimes I feel like the “she”. Sometimes I feel like the one singing about her.

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