August Music Challenge :: August 3rd :: The Letter C :: SOTD


August Music Challenge
August 3rd
The Letter C

Counting Crows


Round Here (live)

“And in between the moon and you,
the angels get a better view,
of the crumbling difference between wrong and right.”

We stack memories up like bricks, one on top of the next on top of another half dozen. But we forget to bring the mortar, so all it takes is a breeze, an exhaled breath, a sigh, a moment of hesitation, for them to tumble to the ground.

Anxiety is more than a breeze, more than any exhale, or pause in time. No, anxiety is like a hurricane, like a volcano’s eruption, like the loudest scream you can make. So the bricks, the memories, they shatter as they fall, leaving shards and shrapnel everywhere.

I race around to clean them up, broom in one hand, bottomless bag in the other. But the wind kicks up, it blows doubt everywhere, its sticky and insidious, and gets caught on the crumbled up pieces of brick, making it harder to clean, making it harder to break free from.

But, I try. We try. “Round here” we are always trying.

This song reminds me of the weight of the past, and the persistent nature of doubt. It also reminds me of the way love sticks too, keeping us going, keeping us trying, keeping us stacking the bricks back up again, even if they’ve been broken.


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