August Music Challenge :: August 2nd :: The Letter B :: SOTD


August Music Challenge
August 2nd
The Letter B

Bear’s Den


Agape (live) 

“Even though your words hurt the most,
I still want to hear them,
every day.
You say let it go,
but I can’t let it go.
I wanna believe every word that you say.”

Love is complicated.

Love is simple.

Love is like a carnival ride, dangerous, slightly unhinged, music playing too loudly, but some of the songs are my favorites, and others I at least know all the words to. Sometimes the ride goes upside down. Sometimes it stalls at the top. Sometimes it falls fast and hard, my eyesight blurring, my heart racing, as I silently wish that we will live through it.

Sometimes it packs up and leaves for the season. And I try to follow, packing two bags and a backpack, carrying along all the things from my past, good and bad, racing to catch-up. Hoping the maps in my back pocket are still good, that you will recognize me when I arrive, that you will let me in.

This song, it reminds me of love, in all its simplicity and complications. And it reminds me of what it feels like sometimes, to love.

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