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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Ray Ray Rain :: Bettie Serveert

“I watch your right hand shifting gear,
wondering what I’m doing here,
cause both our minds are occupied by memories.”


2. Minneapolis :: That Dog

“Hung around till closing time
I want to make him mine,
all mine.”


3. On Fire :: Sebadoh

“Now it feels like I’m on fire,
it’s burning the world through
But, don’t hold it against me,
‘cuz I know you’re lying, too


4. White Chocolate Space Egg :: Liz Phair

“Orange and blue,
green and pink –
I see you in everything.”


5. Strange Habit :: July Talk

“For all the wrong reasons,
for all the wrong reasons,
here we go again.”


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Los Angeles writer, dreamer and gypsy soul who harbors an obsessive love of music and lyrics, and writes about them with passion and insight, as well as sometimes waxing poetic on books, films and travel.

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