With dirty hands but our hearts are clean :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Thorn” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Without You :: Eddie Vedder

“I’ll keep on healing all the scars,
that we’ve collected from the start.
I’d rather this than live without you.”


2. 1979 :: The Smashing Pumpkins

“We don’t even care,
as restless as we are.”


3. The Rescue Blues :: Ryan Adams

“And everybody wants to see you suffer,
they know that you need the pain so much.”


4. Song for a Blue Guitar :: Red House Painters

“When everything we felt fails,
then some music,
soft and distant sails,
but it don’t sound like it did before,
then I know I’m left with nothing more –
then my own soul.”


5. Beginning to See :: Carl Barât & The Jackals

“You and me,
I’m beginning to see.”


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Los Angeles writer, dreamer and gypsy soul who harbors an obsessive love of music and lyrics, and writes about them with passion and insight, as well as sometimes waxing poetic on books, films and travel.

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