There’s nothing left to lose :: SOTD


“I know men aren’t supposed to act this way,
but things they got too real;
I couldn’t stay.
Now I know one day we will both feel good..
But if I could be with you,
you know I would. ”

(Rewrite of an older writing ~ originally written 4/28/15)

Untitled (and unfinished)
by me

I don’t know how to write this
this thing
this thing away from us

We meet up at the endings
touch down for a spell
circling each other’s indecision
lips colliding
into the breath of a broken promise
ane the feel of fabric can’t help but unravel

And you
with the darkest eyes
signaling this pending disaster
while we spin
in all this untethered hope

While you keep singing

Its been a lifetime
since I felt this way
And another lifetime
since I fell this way

Would you have known me then?
Would I still ask you to go?

Because one of us needs to go.

I just don’t think
it can be me.

Don’t Wanna Cry :: Pete Yorn

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