Rotten :: Gringo Star :: Now Hear This


Rotten :: Gringo Star :: Now Hear This

Oh, new music, you always come around when I need you the most. And this one, this new song from Atlanta, Georgia, is a little psychedelic flashback (circa the first British Invasion), a little bit of indie-rock (think Tame Impala meets The Black Angels meets The Black Keys), and something else that’s harder to pin-point, something Delta Blues like, yet also a wee bit of rockabilly. Its all in there, though, swirling and mixing about together, making “Rotten” anything but. No, on the contrary, this is fresh and new sounding, and just what the middle of summer needed (sweaty and long-lasting and a bit desirous).

Also, the guitar on this track is amazing.

I especially dig this song late at night, driving around in my car with the volume turned up past loud, windows rolled part-way down, and the city lights (especially driving through downtown Los Angeles) punctuating the night sky. This song has NIGHT in it, long nights, sleepless nights, nights spent in the arms of someone, too, slowly unwinding the night while tethered to each other’s bodies.

You will want to keep hitting repeat on this one. I know I can’t stop the replay.

Gringo Star has a new album coming, too, that “Rotten” will be on. Luckily there isn’t too long of time to wait – the album, “The Sides snd In Between”, will be available to fall in love with on August 26th – watch this space as I’m sure I’ll be swooning over the new album.

And, psst…if you like what you hear you can pre-order “The Sides and In Between” digitally via  iTunes.

Gringo Star’s Nick Furglueles told Pure Volume, “‘Rotten’ to me, is about not letting societal standards prevent you from doing or expressing how you want and not waiting till it’s too late to do what you love.” He adds, “It’s about an establishment designed to keep people in check, and dismantling that establishment.”

Here, here! Let’s dismantle the establishment (and expectations), push aside the waiting for the so-called right time, and go out and do what we love (with a good soundtrack – like this song – to push us along).



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