I have yearned for you :: M5MO


My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Good & Gone :: Frank Turner

“So fuck you Hollywood,
for teaching us that love was free and easy,
for dressing all our daughters as princesses,
and regaling us with tales of happy endings.”


2. Paradise :: Wild Nothing

“Crush me with the lie,
and tell me once or twice,
that love is paradise.”


3. A Real Hero :: College, featuring Electric Youth

“A real human being,
and a real hero.”


4. I was There :: The War On Drugs

“I’ll be there,
coming clean,
like a runner in the wind,
coming through the morning light.”


5. When You Break :: Bear’s Den

“And you’ve been crying out for forever,
but forever’s come and gone.
You keep begging for forgiveness,
but you don’t think you’ve done wrong.”



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