“Cause everywhere I seem to be,
I am only passing through. 
I dream these days about the sea,
always wake up,
feeling blue;
wishing I could dream of you.”

Older writing/rewritten 
Throwback Thursday

For him
by me

Bed sheets thrown aside
somewhere beneath your hand shows through
fingers folded inward
holding on so tight
to something I can’t see

I watch with the wonder
of new sight
wishing I knew how to sketch all I see
and not just write it down
they fail sometimes

And I want all of this
to take with me
this moment
this early morning memory
this temporary room
and make it mine

I want to capture the way the sun
casts its shadows over us
while your hand hangs there
holding on
for life
for love
for one extra hour

My keys on the table
the only reminder
reality interrupting
as I lie here with you
and wonder
if this is our last time

I know it should be
but I want so much

Wait :: Alexi Murdoch

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