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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. True Love Waits :: Radiohead

“Just don’t leave.
Don’t leave.”


2. It Never was the Same :: The Twilight Sad

“Look aside,
you don’t see our things;
we lose them all.”


3. 400 Bones :: Frightened Rabbit

“Where skin is painted by a brush from the sun,
pull the sheets up to your neck so she can’t see us,
and let the clocks do all the worrying for once.”


4. Coahuila :: Old 97’s

“And I’m suffering from a kind of indecision,
about what I’m going to watch on television.
And I’ll dram tonight of dancing in Coahuila,
with a little brown-haried girl and her tequila.”


5. Give Back the Key to My Heart :: Uncle Tupelo

“Give back my TV,
it don’t mean that much to me.
While you’re giving back my things,
give me back the key to my heart.”


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