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My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

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1. Green & Yellow :: The Dove & The Wolf

“Looking back, 
I can see,
little bits of me,
that I’m leaving behind.”


2. A Lack of Color :: Death Cab for Cutie

“This is fact not fiction, 
for the first time in years.”


3. Gypsy Faded :: Joseph Arthur

“I guess there’s always a chance of us coming back together,
but that seems unlikely in this kind of weather.”


4. Ocean Rain :: Echo & The Bunnymen

“All hands on deck at dawn,
sailing to sadder shores.
Your port in my heavy storms,
harbours the blackest though.”

5. Landmine (live) :: Augustines

“My one and only, 
this life is so lonely.
But, we’ll think of something,
to pass the time.”


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